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Lectures dealing with holiday for users of wheelchairs.

Handi-Travel –Info goes around in Denmark making lectures about suitable places around the world for handicapped to spent vacations. We will like to give everybody the best information about places, hotels, accessibilities and activities in Denmark and abroad.

A lecture is free, but you have to pay 3,33 kr. per km. for driving We start from Aarhus.

All details on our homepage are free, but if you want us to plan a vacation, there will be a fee. Please call 0045-78477389/ mob. 0045-40181456.

Latest 3 destinations:
HandiCamp Nightrider
Hou Søsportcenter
Garden 5

Right now there are
246 destinations in 18 countries and 5 agents in our database.

In collaboration with:
Kirurgi Rejser

Engtoften 7a
8260 Viby J.

Phone: + 0045 +45 2175 5628 (NYT) Mobil: 4018 1456
Fax: + 0045
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