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Tranbjerg Kro. (Sydlige Aarhus).

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Address:Tranbjerg Kro. (Sydlige Aarhus).
Hovedgaden 37
8310 Tranbjerg
General information:It is not possible for wheelchair users to stay the night at the hotel/Inn, because the bed rooms are located at the first floor and there is no lift. The hotel/Inn, though, has a conference hall and a restaurant with a disability access toilet located at the ground floor. The lobby is very nice and easily accessible. The hotel/Inn is very suited for conferences and other meetings.


Parking:There is a large parking lot approximately 100 metres behind the hotel/Inn. The road surface consists of gravel and flagstones.
Main entrance:There is a small step of 3 cm by the main entrance. We have recommended the hotel owner that a small ramp is installed.
Reception:The access to the reception and the entire ground floor is flat.
Restaurant:The restaurant is large with bright rooms and double doors. The assembly halls are large and bright and the access is flat.

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