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Tranum Klit Camping. (Nordlige vestjylland).

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For more information contact Handi Travel Info.
Phone: +45 7847 7389 / mobile: +45 4018 1456.
Address:Tranum Klit Camping. (Nordlige vestjylland).
Sandmosevej 525
9460 Brovst
General information:The cabins are mainly suited for guests with smaller disabilities or wheelchair users who are primarily self-sufficing. The owner of the camping site has considered buying a sofa bed for the cabin. Handi-Travel-Info encouraged him to do so, because it would make sleeping arrangements for disabled guests in the cabin much better.


Parking:It is possible to park right next to the reception and the shop. The surface of the parking lot consists of asphalt.
Main entrance:The access to the main entrance is flat. The effective doorway is at least 77 cm in breadth.
Reception:The reception and the shop are located in the same room.
Bathroom:There is one disability toilet with sliding doors. There is a turning circle/ free area of 130 cm x 110 cm. The sink is accessible for wheelchair users including a free area in front of the sink of 130 cm and a free height under the sink of 80 cm. There is a free area of at least 80 cm on one side of the toilet and a free area of 130 cm in front of the toilet. There is an open, level floor wheel-in shower. The spray is removable and can reach the toilet. There is a grab rail by the toilet as well as one armrest on one side of the toilet.
Electricity:220 V
Shop:The shop is spacious and the access is flat.

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