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Youth Hostel Kerjalon. (Torshavn).

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Address:Youth Hostel Kerjalon. (Torshavn).
Oyggjarvegur 45
FO-110 Torshavn
The Faroe Islands
General information:Guests at the hostel have to cook and clean for themselves. Groups (school classes etc) can order take-away food from the Hotel Føroyar.
The effective doorway to the bed room area is at least 77 cm in breadth. There is a staircase to the first floor where more rooms are situated. There is a washing house. Common toilet/bathrooms are situated in the hallway. There are 4 6-person rooms which share two bathrooms. The rooms are very small and narrow. Disabled guests staying at the hostel have to be very self-sufficing.


Parking:There are no disability parking bays. The common parking lot is surface with asphalt.
Main entrance:There are two thresholds of 9 cm and 10 cm leading to the main entrance. The effective doorway is 76 cm in breadth.
Reception:There is no reception. Checking in and out takes place at the Hotel Føroyar.
Kitchen:There is a common kitchen. The effective doorway is 76 cm in breadth.
Restaurant:There is a common dining hall. The effective doorway is 77 cm in breadth. There is a free area/a turning circle of at least 130 cm x 130 cm.

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