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Vejle Center Hotel. (Vejle).

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Address:Vejle Center Hotel. (Vejle).
Willy Sørensens Plads 3
7100 Vejle
General information:The hotel is placed in a large natural area, next to the DGI-house alongside an indoor Water land, approximately 1.5 km. from the pedestrian zone in Vejle, 1.8 km. from the train station. From the hotel, there is a view overlooking Vejle stream.


Parking:Handicap-parking 15 m. from the hotels main entrance.
Main entrance:150 cm. wide automatic sliding door.
Reception:The entrance leads level free to the reception.
Lifts:2 lifts, they are however smaller than advised for handicapped in wheelchairs.
Hotel room:The two handicap approved rooms, are both on the main floor, there are two steps, but they are easily passed with help from a ramp.
Bedroom:The rooms are approximately 16 square meters with carpets, but they are planning to change it with floorboard as soon as possible. The double bed, which has plenty of room to all sides is approximately 40 cm. in height and there is no opportunity to get it higher or get an eventually lift underneath.
Bathroom:Level free, with easyly access to handheld shower which can reach the toilet. The toilet is only 35 cm. high without armrealing, but with good space in front: 110 cm.. And below the sink free space of 60 cm.
Electricity:Regular European standard 230 volt.
Shop:Approximately 1.5 km. to the nearest shops.
Restaurant:Large level free restaurant located on the ground floor.

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