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Øer Maritime Ferieby. (Ebeltoft, Djursland).

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Address:Øer Maritime Ferieby. (Ebeltoft, Djursland).
Øerkrogvejen 2
8400 Ebeltoft
General information:The apartments are situated in connection with the holiday resort and a small shopping centre, including restaurants and an excellent covered court for sports. The possibilities for yachting are many. The resort also has a very large covered court where all kinds of activities take place. There are 6 disability access apartments (one-storey houses) at the resort. Each house has a private, numbered parking bay. Please let the staff know whether you need a ramp for the main entrance, and tell whether you use a small or a large electrical wheelchair, because large electrical wheelchair cannot enter the bathroom in the apartments. However, there is a disability access toilet in the main building of the resort (open from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. all year round). Electrical wheelchair users can bathe in the facilities at the swimming pool. The resort is building a new swimming pool at the moment, but the old facilities are fully accessible. Visitors can check out the homepage for updates on activities. There is free wireless Internet in all houses. All the surrounding areas are wheelchair accessible. If you want to go to the lake and the small islands, there are ramps put up for you convenience.
For further information, please contact: Pia Secher


Parking:There is a large parking ground outside the resort. The road surface consists of flagstones. There are a few disability parking bays. There is no parking by the apartments.
Main entrance:You have to pass through a tall, open gate when entering the resort. The road surface consists of flagstones.
Reception:The door opens (manually) outwards, but once you are inside the reception is spacious.
Apartment:A ramp leads up to the door to the apartment. There is a turning circle/ free area in the living-room, but in the middle of the room there is a bearing post. Living-room and kitchen is combined, both spacious, but the hallway is rather narrow.
Bedroom:The effective doorway to the bedroom is at least 77 cm in breadth. If you move the furniture around (e.g. a bed), it is possible to create a free area/a turning circle of at least 130 cm x 130 cm.
Bathroom: The effective doorway is more than 77 cm in breadth. There is a turning circle/ free area of 90 cm x 100 cm. The sink is accessible for wheelchair users including a free area in front of the sink of 90 cm and a free height under the sink of 70 cm. There is a free area of at least 80 cm on one side of the toilet and a free area of 75 cm in front of the toilet. There is a wheel-in shower measuring 80 cm x 135 cm. The spray cannot reach the toilet. The toilet has one armrest. The bathroom is narrow and best suited for disabled persons using manual wheelchairs.
Restaurant:Accessible for wheelchair users.

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