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Fårevejle Golf Hotel

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Address:Fårevejle Golf Hotel
Fårevejle Kirkevej 1
4540 Fårevejle
General information:Accessible for wheelchairs. 4 stars.


Parking:Levelfree parking,asphalted.
Main entrance:Levelfree intrance with double slidedoor.
Reception:Good viev at the receptionist.
Hotel room:Familyrooms are used for handicapped, which are very large rooms. Space enough for mobile lift. 40 cm. to the top of the mattress and 18 cm. free space under the bed.
Bathroom:80 cm. wide door to the bathroom, open space of 130 x 130 cm. 130 cm. in front of the zink, there is a shelf under. 80 space in one side of toilet,100 cm. in front.No armrests. Closed shower, but handhold shower which can reach the toilet.
Electricity:220 volt, European standard.
Restaurant:Large nice restaurant, accessible for wheelchairs.

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