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Hotel Føroyar. (Torshavn).

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Phone: +45 7847 7389 / mobile: +45 4018 1456.
Address: Hotel Føroyar. (Torshavn).
Oyggjarvegur 45
FO-100 Torshavn
The Faroe Islands
General information:There are 106 rooms in total, of which two rooms and 4 suites are accessible for wheelchair users. The disability toilet (situated close to the reception): The effective doorway is 76.5 cm in breadth. There are armrests on both sides of the toilet. There is not much free space between the armrests and the sink. The distance from the toilet to the sink is only 15.5 cm. The sink is accessible for wheelchair users including a free height under the sink of 63 cm. There is a free area of 90 cm on one side of the toilet. The spray is removable and can reach the toilet.
Right by the door on the right hand wall a changing table is mounted. The floor is level by the toilet. The toilet paper bracket is placed just by the door, 95 cm above the floor.
Men´s room ⁄ Ladies´ room: The effective doorway is 80 cm in breadth. The free space by the sink is fine. The door to the toilet booth door is only 44 cm in breadth. The walking area is very narrow. The free height under the sink is 34 cm. From the floor to the edge of the sink the distance is 86 cm.


Parking:There are three disability parking bays. The road surface between the parking lot and the main entrance consists of asphalt. There is a small ramp (with flagstones) leading up to the main entrance.
Main entrance:The access to the main entrance is flat. There are two double doors leading to the reception, and two doors on each side when entering.
Reception:The access to the reception is flat.
Lifts:The access to the lift is flat. Internal measurements: 190 cm in length and 135 cm in breadth. The effective doorway is 90 cm in breadth and the position of the top control button is 105 cm above the floor.
Living room:Large, common living room with TV and a bar where beverages are sold.
Bedroom:Bedroom 1: The access to the bed room is flat. The effective doorway is at least 77 cm in breadth. There is a free area/a turning circle of at least 130 cm x 130 cm. The free height under the beds is at least 18 cm. The beds are low which can make the use of a personal hoist difficult.
Bedroom 2:
Bridal suite: Finished in 2009. Height of the toilet = 44 cm, breadth =153 cm, Free area under the sink = 75 cm, Jacuzzi (height on the outside) = 68 cm, inside depth = 50 cm, no spray. The bridal suite also contains a set of sofas, a flat screen TV, view from the Jacuzzi to the living room.
Kitchen:The kitchen is situated in the basement.
Bathroom:The effective doorway is at least 77 cm in breadth. There is a free area of at least 130 cm in front of the toilet. There is a bath tub. The spray is removable and can reach the toilet. There are armrests on both sides of the toilet.
Equipment on site:None
Electricity:220 V
Restaurant:The restaurant is situated on the first floor. The access to the restaurant is flat.

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